Growing our organisation in a sustainable manner is something we feel strongly about. To us, sustainability means focusing on three distinct pillars – people, planet, profit – and finding balance within them. While economic success is needed to fulfil and further our company’s mission, we believe it exists neither in isolation from — nor is it directly opposed to — the sustainability of people or our planet. True sustainability awaits where the benefits to the environment, society and economics meet.

Social Awareness

We strongly believe that without personal connections, businesses will not survive the 21st century. That’s why we sparked our own evolution. What was first a traditionally run company has now transformed into an organisation that nurtures a positive environment in which our employees, partners and clients can maximise their potential. We operate in self-steering teams, putting a lot of focus on collaboration as well as on personal and team development, believing in both freedom and continuous improvement. Job satisfaction, diversity and equal opportunities, work-life balance and staying healthy and safe are important themes for us.

Planet Preservation

Reducing our environmental impact is a work in progress which we are fully committed to. Currently, we’re working on minimising product packaging and product(ion) waste streams by having our design, construction and production experts develop methods that help reduce (raw) material input and keep losses to a minimum. In addition, we are investigating how best to use recycled materials and how to reuse or recycle (parts of) the products we produce. Within our own facilities we have taken all viable energy-reduction measures and strive to reduce our energy consumption even further. We are also working towards making our entire fleet of vehicles 100% electric.

Economic Success

We would be lying (and pretty stupid) if we were to say that generating a healthy profit for our company isn’t important to us. Profit is essential to fulfilling and furthering our mission. Only with a sound profit level can we continue our work in other areas, as we believe these are all interconnected. But we don’t focus on general or quick profit, we ensure that we make a positive contribution to our local economy by obtaining personnel, services, goods and materials from our local area and partner with sheltered workshops. We are in it for the long haul and because of that, we strive for a sound balance between ambition and security, investing and controlling costs, and foster an environment that is all about responsible entrepreneurship.

Find below our Tchai sustainability policy in PDF.