The key to our sourcing is selecting the best global partners for the best local results. Our goal is to deliver supreme quality with quick lead times while offering excellent value. However, we believe this shouldn’t be at the expense of our planet, which is why our focus is shifting towards environmentally responsible production methods. This is an on-going process which we are fully committed to.

Beyond Tchai
Our efforts to improve our social and environmental performance do not stop at our own company, but go beyond, to our supply chain. Here we prioritise sourcing environmentally responsible suppliers and working with them to achieve even higher standards. We also make sure our products are manufactured under safe, fair and humane working conditions. Visiting our suppliers regularly helps us keep an eye on this. Above all, we seek to build lasting relationships with our suppliers, working together as long-term partners rather than one-time vendors. Side by side we strive for the best quality at fair prices throughout the supply chain. Therefore, our partners’ financial stability and promising future perspective is just as important as our own.