Every day, billions of people engage with thousands of brands in the world of retail and hospitality. Tchai’s purpose is to help create genuine connections when this happens. This requires a brand to reveal its essence and a way for people to engage with this essence in an inspiring manner. We bring this to life in the most physical way possible, by designing and producing vibrant retail and hospitality spaces and iconic product presentations.

We conceptualize, design and produce brand activations in retail: stores (flagship-, brand-, concept- and pop-up stores), brand spaces, product presentations and other retail and hospitality experiences that create genuine connections between brand and visitors and drive revenue.

Tchai is third generation family-owned business, founded in the Netherlands in 1961 and branched out to the USA in 2020.
We’ve grown from making product displays and fixtures to creating genuine connections in retail and hospitality.
And we’ve evolved from a traditionally run company to an organisation that’s curious about the future of retail and passionate to help create it together with our team, clients and suppliers.
What has always defined Tchai is the energy we put into every project we’re a part of. The relentless drive, the commitment, the inspiration. We call it Tchi.

Now we’re on a mission to unleash the energy of your brand in order to build a truly connective retail experience.

This video above gives you a short impression of Tchai. It’s a short movie, produced by de Rotterdamse Ondernemersprijs, a foundation that annually awards the most inspiring entrepreneur of Rotterdam. Kim Tchai won the award in 2019.

In this animation you can see the history of Tchai and how Tchi, our mutual energy, arose. How the first generation started the business in making product displays and how it evolved into one that displays brands. When the third generation took over, the first traditionally run company evolved into an organisation that nurtures a positive environment where employees, partners and clients can maximise their potential.