DHL has 10 Express Service Centers in The Netherlands. The Express Service Centers are located mainly near airports and serve as an operating base for the couriers who are collecting and delivering to companies and people at home. People also come directly to the Service Centers to collect and send parcels worldwide. Speed, reliability and a high-quality service are vital. An old-fashioned counter behind glass in an empty environment just didn’t fit. The experience and feel, that’s what it’s all about.

Tchai developed a retail concept that carries people into the world of DHL logistics. The new concept fits with DHL’s ambition; to contribute to a simpler, more pleasant and more successful way of life for people. This led to an open flow design where both visitors and store assistants can spend their time comfortably.
Imagine a place where it’s a 100% clear how to get your package send quick and safe worldwide, where labels, transport boxes are provided for you and service is sublime. If you have a bit of time to spare a place where coffee is free, you can to charge your phone, you can wrap our gifts in wrapping paper or with a comfortable corner to sit in. The shop concept works from A to Z. From the yellow express line on the floor that helps customers find their way, to the wall behind the counter that has a life size image of the cargo bay of an airliner. The parcel that you drop off appears to roll straight into a plane via a conveyor belt. ‘You feel that you are in the heart of the DHL logistical world’.