Displaying BAE for HEMA

Dutch retailer HEMA introduced the new beauty label B.A.E., before anything else. A label that consists of more than 130 innovative products, for every time of day. B.A.E. is affordable, on-trend and 100% vegan. Its message: Whoever you are, whatever you do, B.A.E. always lets you be the best version of yourself.

B.A.E. is targeted at Millennials. To appeal to this design-conscious demographic, Tchai developed, design- ed and built two product table prototypes that can be rolled out into future in-store solutions.


An institution since 1926, HEMA has been a reflection of Dutch culture
with its no-nonsense approach to affordable quality products. The department store has always moved with the times, and is now gradually moving from separate fittings to more a experience-based shop environment.

The product tables are inspired by classic dressing tables, for an instant association with make-up and skincare products. Rounded edges lend a feminine look and feel, and a play with geometric shapes, different heights and backlight make the cosmetics pop out. The use of colour is inspired by the product line, with a starring role for millennial pink. The overall effect fits with ‘B.A.E.’, but is still really HEMA.

“Working with Tchai has been a pleasant experience, from concept- ualisation to implementation in the store,” says Ilona Zijlstra, Category Manager for Hema. “Our requirements and wishes have been combined with Tchai’s experience and insights on trends. This resulted in a contemporary product table that meets all of our wishes. It’s innovative, inspiring, fitting with the beauty label B.A.E., easy to shop from and, very importantly, easy to maintain. Thanks to short lines of communi-cation, know-how and clear communication, this project could be realised within a short time frame, without compromising on quality and implementation. The in-store installation also went well, with a great extra service to install the table already filled with products.”