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15 May 2019 By TCHAI

Gen Z Snapshot

Gen Z Snapshot
Born between 1995 | 2020
40% of the world population in 2020
Already 44 billion dollar buying power

There are fundamental difference within GEN Z, but the demographics, as a whole are defined by the common circumstances of their upbringing. They are a generation defined by technology, cultural aggregation, fluidity and contradiction.

They are a divided generation, yet they are connected at the same time by these commonalities.

The Rise of Individualism
Uniqueness is important to GEN Z. The most ethnically varied generation of all time, differences scare them less than in earlier times.

They are the first generation that has been fully immersed in technology from birth. This generation wants to give outdated social constrictions new form. Brands that can achieve this will speak to this group. They want nothing to do with brands that speak to everyone, they want ones that communicate with individuals.

Gen Me VS Gen We:
Inspire of many similarities GEN Z is strongly divided. Roughly, they can be divided into two groups: GEN ME & GEN WE.
GEN ME is the biggest and most commercial group. As the name suggests this group is very busy with themselves. Appearance and success are what drives them.
GEN WE, on the other hand are for a better future. Strongly motivated to change the shortcomings of society.

“Gen Me VS Gen We: A deeply divided generation”

Gen Z Retail
GEN ME – Ultragram
To attract high demanding customers you have to be shareable, be ultra-grammable by making tantalizing experiences for all senses.

Raising awareness as a brand raises customer experience and satisfaction. So be aware! Whether it’s for the environment or for the human psyche.

Gen Z Online
They are the first generation that is fully immersed in technology. And shifted the balance toward platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Their smart-phone is an extension of their self and a way to shine or connect with others. However they want to feel secure online.

You can find GEN Z on the platforms below:

More then 50% buy via their smartphone. The main topics they are interested in are music, bloopers, tutorials, clothes, lifestyle & beauty. However, over 50% are worried about mis-use of their personal information and ID fraud online.

We have done our best to give credit to all whose imagery we have used in this presentation. However, in an era of digital sharing and social media, it is not always possible to identify the original source. Please contact us to add the correct credits:



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