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29 November 2021 By TCHAI

Number Five – What Now?

YES! The word is out: Number Five is finally here for us all to discover…

You can also let us know what you think of it through clicking here below. It’ll take less than a minute and by entering your findings you submit your chance to winning an epic prize: a JBL Charge 5 worth 199,- EUR.

In the year where we celebrate our 60th anniversary we launch this fifth issue of our TCHI Magazine, an edition with a theme applicable to the mindset of present times. The world has had to face, and deal with, a big reset. Since then, a lingering common thought is: “What now?”

Although it has been a challenging period, it also got us all back to the drawing board to reinvent our daily lives. We are looking back, learning from our past and letting go of what we don’t need, in order to grow towards the future. Therefore, in this TCHI #5 edition, we address the overarching themes of previous magazines. Looking back at how these have developed through time we found that they are even more relevant today than ever…

We have brought in a panel of 22 people from various backgrounds and asked them their perspectives on the themes of: Retail, Green, Brands and Connection (page 29). Besides that, we also delved further into these topics. 

We’ve all come to realize that we live in a time with uncertainties. How does this affect us as humans who are used to planning way ahead (page 23)? How likely is it that we are going to (re)invent things that were once out of the question (page 13 and page 15)? Plus… brands that collaborate I find even more inspiring today than ever, as they manage to build on each other’s strengths and create a unique and positive impact in challenging times (page 45). 

Alongside this, in business, I also noticed a shift in my personal reinventions. Where can I become really at one with nature, take a breather, recalibrate my balance? I discovered Cabin ANNA had an answer (page 21). Its design opened my eyes to our precious world even more. We must make sustainability a vast condition of our businesses and lifestyle (page 55).

We, at Tchai, create the physical and go to market in an engaging manner. However, we love to do it sustainably, to focus on the durability of our planet Earth (page 39). We have chosen to make this magazine “green”, using paper from durable solutions, such as: tissue derived from hops, malt and yeast.

The cherry on the top? Experience the festive cover, celebrating Tchai’s anniversary.

Want to request a physical TCHI Magazine Number Five? Click on the button below:


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