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21 September 2021 By TCHAI

Cabin ANNA

Some people want to live a different life, others create ways to make that happen.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a present-day 24-hour existence, it isn’t strange to desire a life completely o­ the grid. For some it may sound a bit extreme but opting for such a lifestyle —and being surrounded by nature only— can result in finding freedom and tranquillity as well as adventure. For those vowing to get out and experience nature —but who can only imagine a quirky cabin or glamping space— let Cabin ANNA and the view of trees and open skies leave you breathless.

Nature, Tiny House, design

The concept sprang from a vision of designer and architect Caspar Schols, and his deep passion for basic living spaces —work or recreational— in the beautiful outdoors. By developing a cabin that makes dwelling between birches and oaks as comfortable as nestling at home, he planted the seed of experiencing the freedom of the open air whilst inside. ANNA has rocketed as a lifestyle brand because of its amazing biophilic design that seamlessly invites in an epic dose of natural surroundings.

This is shown by its adjustability for the outdoor experience. ‘Simply’ by sliding the metal roof and the outer wooden walls (set on runners) apart from the framework, it allows for a great open-air experience. When the walls and roof are slid ‘out’ the inner beam-and-glass layer is visible, allowing people inside complete immersion in the outdoor setting. The layers of the house can be played with as the base and the elements are all dynamic. “Just like the way you dress yourself to suit di­ erent weather conditions, occasions and moods”, Schols would say.

Sliding out them walls. inviting in beautiful nature

Cabin ANNA can be used as a lodging, an o ce and is even suitable for meetings. Whether these are gatherings with friends, work-related brainstorming or yoga classes, the open ambience of the cabin is an ultimate spot to host people and uneash creativity. ANNA plans to reach beautiful locations around the world, but you can already find their cabins in the picturesque scenery of Dutch nature reserves.

Being immersed by nature only

Out of over 5000 contestants worldwide, award winning Cabin ANNA has been named Project of the Year 2021 by A+Architizer.

Interested in going completely o­ grid? You can buy or rent a Cabin Anna here, and you can also discover their mind-blowing Instagram page: @cabin_anna


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