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20 July 2020 By TCHAI

TCHI Magazine #4: The Flying Nest

The Flying Nest – Rooms with wanderlust

Staying in a hotel is usually part of the travelling experience. And we are accustomed to travelling towards them. But what if hotels have wanderlust themselves? It makes sense in this day and age, given the number of shops and restaurants that pop-up or come on wheels. Accor Hotels has teamed up with French design studio Oraïto to launch a nomadic hotel concept. It is called Flying Nest. The idea of using shipping containers for easy relocation is just as clever and minimalistic as its design. And luckily, is far from rustic.

TCHI magazine number four - flying nest

Each 12m2 container has a snug wooden siding and a massive window to enjoy the view wherever it is perched. Such as on a snowy mountain in a French ski-resort, one of Flying Nests’ premiere locations. The hotel is self-sufficient, so it can be as roaming as human travellers, allowing us to have a good night’s sleep in some of the more off-the-grid locations where we can truly connect with serenity. Or with the hustle of an urban landscape. Like at the 24 Hours of Le Mans where rooms are set up close to the track. It is a concept that offers a small-scale, almost intimate, connection with a specific place in the world. Which essentially is the purpose of travelling for most nomadic citizens. Also, by designing the hotel in such a way that each container-room connects to another by a communal balcony, guests can interact with each other.

Flying Nest rethinks hotel concepts in more than a wandering way.

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