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7 July 2021 By TCHAI


A stunning fifth issue with your favourite new inspirations is almost here; an edition of TCHI Magazine with a theme applicable to the mindset and spirit of present times… “What now?”

The world has had to face and deal with a big reset. Everyone has been struck by it, as if by lightning. We used to be able to plan ahead and to work for our future… now, none of the certainties are there.

With the world on pause, and being in our 60th jubilee year as well, we are addressing the overarching themes of reflect, retrospect and evolve. We are looking back, taking lessons along with us and letting go of what we don’t need, in order to grow towards the future. It had us revisiting the main themes of earlier TCHI editions too. Looking back at how these have developed through time, we found that they are even more urgent today than ever…

…Which begs the question: ‘WHAT NOW?’

You’ll discover what in fresh articles dealing with such subjects as; mapping the brain, reading micro-expressions, sustainability, the repositioning of a once tabooed (but now mighty) product and many more.

Publishing this magazine gives us the same pleasure that we experience when creating remarkable brand retail spaces and eye-catching product presentations.  Besides developing concepts that arouse the senses, we always seek for innovative ways to emphasize our latest thoughts, experiences, and inspiration that calibrates our minds.

Launch date: November 2021, Pre order now via




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