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18 February 2022 By TCHAI

Dramatic Monogramatic

The monogram trend, already often seen in previous season’s collections of fashion houses, is not going anywhere. Instead, it seeps into all facets of design, including architecture and interior…

Consumers are looking for truly innovative, engaging retail experiences – thus; the demand is transforming shops into innovation centers with photogenic spaces that hit the surprise-button differently.

window inspiration trend

There is no need to zoom in (literally) on the impact that fashion retailer BLSSD is making with their store design.
In bulky font their catchy baseline ‘pret a gratitute‘ drips all over the shop window, and throughout the rest of the retail space, and catches curious eyes from a distance.

What we like:
the design’s narrative meets their brand purpose and pay-off perfectly, which is a combination of: ‘from bold and attitudinal’ to ‘refined contemporary urban’, and ‘though provoking design’ meets ‘confident minimalism’

inspiration and lettering trend in design for branded shop spaces
tchai insight inspiration retail brand space

Here’s another example:
Marc Jacobs transformed their logo into a full monogram pattern decorating their entire Omotesando pop-up place. The space design is a translation of their collection that features an all-over-monogram-print too.

inspiration store design pop up
Source & Credits, Image: Vogue jp
store front entrance momnogram design
Source & Credits, Image: Vogue jp

Monograms appear in exterior more as well…

A Dutch design studio came with a pattern design for the Miami store of luxury brand Louis Vuitton’s. This store located in the heart of the city’s Design District has now a facade that is inspired by the brand’s leather work and iconic monogram. That’s quite a store(y)telling visible from afar, isn’t it?

monogram pattern architectual retail design
Source & Credits, Image: Dezeen

Let us know what you think of the monogram trend in the comments, or share this post or your own inspiration… and have other curious minds inspired too.



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