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In collaboration with artist Tomas Libertiny we developed this ‘Tchair’,
which has been presented at the design event Salone del Mobile in Milan…
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Tchai showroom - recycled clothing rack

Recycled clothing rack

When you make ‘things’ there is often residual waste…
but what if we could recycle that waste? We did that with this clothing rack.
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Tchai showroom Eco Pillars

Eco Pillars

As our concerns grow for the future of our planet we need to re-evaluate
how we recycle our waste. These presentation stands are composed of…
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Showroom piece Logo Bulk Exposure

Logo Bulk Exposure

Brands require visibility, so we provide brand- and logo-signs,
which have to be consistent in quality…
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tchai showroom piece; iittala shelve

Iittala Shelve

This Finnish design is being used as shelves in Iittala brand stores
and is produced by Tchai. It is quite literally a strong push, by our in-house metal engineering…
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tchai explaines the complexity of a jbl display

Exploded view

In a display design, there is more than just what meets the eye.
This exploded view of our display design for JBL discloses its complexity.
There are different elements…
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