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5 July 2021 By TCHAI

A Dialogue with the Universe

An antidote to polarizing identity politics, inconvenient truths, overwhelming social lives, fast approaching deadlines, looming climate disasters and existential crises.

In a pursuit for more equanimity and connection in life, Marjolijn van Heemstra, a Dutch author, gazed up and found it in space. Inspired by the astronaut’s perspective and their ‘overview effect’ she too realized that all humans live on the same, fragile, aimlessly orbiting pale blue dot and should therefore create empty space in our busy agendas, count to ten once in a while and feel more connected to our unique improbable planet Earth in a vast fine-tuned universe. Read about her journey in her new book; “In lichtjaren heeft niemand haast.” (Translation: In light years no one hurries.)

What we like the most:
To share her epiphany with the world she hosts Night Walks, trying to recreate the overview effect here on earth.


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