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15 March 2021 By TCHAI

Caffettiera Caffé Bar

The 90s are back in style at Montreal’s Caffettiera Caffé Bar.

The bar owner asked studio Menarddworkind to recreate the colourful and fun feel of that bygone decade. Growing up in the 90s, the two designers of Menarddworkind only had to tap into their own personal memories to come up with a palette of shapes, graphics, materials and cool design ideas.

Source images TheSpaces.com

The attention to detail that has gone into this creation is awesome. The flooring for instance was inspired by the iconic checkered Vans shoes and the yellow pendant lights remind us of old telephones with their coiled cables.

Source: the Spaces

What we like:
That this colourful café unmistakably represents an era that gives us all that elusive nostalgic feeling, and which helps us through these tedious times.

Source & Credits, Image: The Spaces

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