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8 July 2021 By TCHAI

A Subterranean Exploration of Sound and Light

A complete washing -session for your senses.
We have to warn you before you take this experience too lightly, it is quite an intense show; a subterranean exploration… a fusion of “raw” sounds and visions.

If you have no fear of the feeling that all of your senses are going through a washing machine, then this exhibition – that will feel almost like a course in how much you can take – is something for you to visit.

After visiting Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda’s new solo show, your eyes can hear, and your nose can see… When you eventually emerge, you’ll feel euphoric. Not just because you’ve seen good art – which you undoubtedly have – but because you’re alive.

RYOJI IKEDA, 180 Studios in London welcomes you for exhibition until 1 August. Do you dare to immerse yourself in Ikeda’s dynamic digital universe.

Sensorial show, dare to endure
source image: Wallpaper*

What we like the most:
You can simply surrender to the brutality on your senses, without doing anything and just let it happen. You may expect it to be disturbing – but the tones and noise, often using frequencies at the edges of the range of human hearing can be very calming instead. It’s like a reactivation of your senses, almost as if you’ve done a meditation session.

source image: Wallpaper* (“Point of no return”)

source image: Wallpaper*



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