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9 September 2020 By TCHAI

Loop around

Sustainability is hot. And let’s be frank: whether it’s because we’re short on money (hey, economic crisis!) or short on sources (hey, environmental crisis!), the idea of recycling products is always a good one. Let’s create one big LOOP.

Nothing new
Recycling- it’s nothing new! However, the notion of recycling has expanded (phew!) and so have the options. It’s not just about buying second-hand clothes or giving your grandmother’s cabinet a fresh coat of paint. There’s a whole industry making a pretty penny and saving the planet by up-, down-, or recycling material.

For example by closed-loop products and packaging’s, such as LOOP. This is a membership shopping initiative from TerraCycle, an innovative waste management company originated in the U.S.A. that aims to eliminate waste. They will deliver your favourite brands to your doorstep in reusable containers.

Source & Credits, Image: LOOP

What we like:
Retail comes on board to close the loop on waste. And what’s to lose? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and what was once old, is now new.

Click image to view animation:

Source & Credits, Image: LOOP


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