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20 September 2020 By TCHAI


There are many reasons why we admire, even adore, Asia. Of course, having Chinese roots sparks our love for Asian cultures. Something we really appreciate is the dedication of its culture to childlike wonderment and play. Something we believe we could all use a lot of right now.

Escape to play
Play. Some may say it’s a type of escapism, but we think it’s something to embrace and explore. Especially now, in a time of turmoil and uncertainty, we would do well to let go off the facade of knowing it all and instead acknowledge we don’t know (yet). We’d do better to forget our worries for a moment, rethink our current situation, and play.

Tainan Spring
Source & Credits, Image: MVRDV

Asia playgrounds
Tainan Spring is an unused shopping mall in the middle of Tainan city (Taiwan). The city council decided to recycle it and turn it into an urban lagoon, offering relief and recreation in the middle of the city.
100 architects, an architectural studio based in Shanghai, provides pops of colour, layers of surrealism and playfulness to public spaces, effectively designing recreational playgrounds for all ages.
And how about this Pixar themed train that brings out the child in anybody. Imagine commuting to work in this vibrant vehicle!

Source & Credits, Image: Disney/Pixar

What we like
Play and imagination enrich the lives of both old and young. All these examples invite people to interact and connect with objects playfully. Experiencing a connection is essential to retail and incorporating playful aspects in retail is a smart tactic.

Source & Credits, Image: 100architects

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