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1 December 2020 By TCHAI

A sensory twist

2020. A year where days flow by in waves of exhilaration and stillness. Where we all pulled back into our homes and try to unwind. Arranging ourselves… It is precisely in these strange times that we need to call upon our most authentic selves, and identify what makes us cosy.

As flip as it may sound, cosiness is something you can identify. For us, that is
enjoying a routine you love – like brewing your coffee or favourite cup of tea with some extra TLC for that little “you” moment of the day – but without falling into the cliché. We made these chocolates for those warm moments, to recall peace of mind (with a dash of surprise!) …even in the darkest days.

A strong brand identity tickles all senses. That is what we strive to bring forth in all that brands communicate. Besides creating brand stories and visually impress audiences, we like going above and beyond with some unusual new chocolate flavour sensations.

Matcha – Strawberry – Dark – Orange – Ruby



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