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9 December 2020 By TCHAI


In our previous Tchai Journal we highlighted our love for playful elements put into urban design.

Uniqlo and GU get it when it comes to integrating a shopping experience with playfulness and fun. The Uniqlo Park overlooks Tokyo Bay in Yokohama and is as much a superstore as it is a park. This unique retail complex houses both brands, making general shopping centres pale in comparison.

Done shopping? There is still plenty to stick around for: the outside of the megastore features a playground with jumbo slides, jungle gyms, interactive spaces, and more. The lush greenery adds to the sensation that you’re spending a fun day at the park.

Source & Credits, UNIQLO

What we like the most:
That garment shopping with youngsters in tow is no longer hell on earth. Shopping will seem as exciting as an excursion to the park for them, offering amusements to all parties involved.

Source & Credits, Image: FRAME



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