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1 March 2020 By TCHAI

Gen Alpha Snapshot

Gen Alpha:
Born between 2011 and beyond
The oldest Alphas are now 9 years old
By 2025, Gen Alpha will number 2 billion globally.

Get ready for the new youthquake. A generation defined by technology. From birth on, Gen Alpha will be soaked in tech-enhanced products, leading it to formally become the most educated, most technologically supplied and globally the wealthiest generation ever.
This generation has a sharp nose for fake news and a scorching passion for activism. Compared to Millenials, they will communicate and gain information via voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa, rather than via text or e-mail. Gen Alpha is also likely to incorporate tech by health trackers, most likely via implants.

United Digitally Savvy Humanoids

Tech-ucate savvies
As of 2019, touch-screened devices are ever-present and necessary peers for children at home as well as in the classroom. Many apps are designed for educational purposes and tech-enhanced toys and games turn these new generation kids into advanced tech-savvies, teaching them for instance, to write text applications using JavaScript while playful programming robotics teach problem-solving and quick thinking.

Collective minds
Where the Gen Z mostly draws back, Alphas’ soft skills such as multitasking lead to connecting with new opportunities, a world without borders. When Alphas grow up, they will adapt to an environment of sharing and instant gratification. They can access multiple solutions and convenience at the same time.

Gen Alpha learns in kindergarten already that if they want to enjoy a good lifetime of this planet, it has to form a united front against the climate crisis and other global issues of inequality. Influenced by their Millennial and Gen Z role models and led by their strong ethics, young children already feel the call to save the planet. It will be the focus of their (early) careers, like 9-year-old kid-entrepreneur Ryan Hickman’s recycling company.

Brands are still much too much concerned with making a profit, and much too little concerned about the welfare of our environment.

To reach this generation, retailers must have a striking strategy to hold their attention and speak to what they find important.

Tapping in as a brand
What to look out for in 10 years, when Alphas are a dominate buyer power?!
Ethical standards will be sky high for this generation, and Gen Alpha expects brands to authentically further their ideals.
Authentic brand stories are key. Gen Alpha will support products and brands that understand their ethical compass, for example, the gender-neutral Barbie by Mattel, or brands that give back to the environment such as Patagonia.

Brick-and-mortar stores will continue to be of importance, but their function will change. Experience will beat expense, and Alphas will expect to find more than one experience in a location. Imagine a beauty bar in a clothing store alongside a reading nook with good coffee or bubble tea like this Japanese Mini Market Nishi!

Their favouritehotspots will be a place where you can do laundry and hang together at the bar or where you can shop for your kid’s ethical clothes, while they play and you enjoy a healthy brunch. It is all about meeting up in communal ‘commercial’ spaces.

A perfectly balanced omnichannel, offering a comfortable uniformity between the technological and analogue experience, and a candid “human” level of customer service in both, will be essential in connecting your brand to the latest generation.

We have done our best to give credit to all whose imagery we have used in this presentation. However, in an era of digital sharing and social media, it is not always possible to identify the original source. Please contact us to add the correct credits:



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