Insight Journal #5
Retail Reset
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10 May 2020 By TCHAI

Insight Journal 5: Retail Reset

We all still have to get used to this new reality where we need to keep physical distance. How do we remain resilient and creative to retrieve the rotation that works… We’re right there with you!
We hope our discoveries will help you – our community – with new ways to make the most of our connectedness to keep the businesses running and to build new habits.

What’s up in the world? Our Tchai team is constantly observing major sea-changing trends. Get inspired by their discoveries, read what they’ve explored and the insights they’ve gathered along the way. We introduce to you what it means to be human in this day and age.

We have done our best to give credit to all whose imagery we have used in this presentation. However, in an era of digital sharing and social media, it is not always possible to identify the original source. Please contact us to add the correct credits:


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