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19 februari 2015 By TCHAI

Number One – Suprise

A magazine from Tchai, that’s a nice surprise! Well, we certainly hope so. We felt like sharing some of the things that have inspired us for so long. One thing led to another and we ended up making this 116 page magazine. Actually, we’ve already got plans to make another one, but first let’s see if you like this first release.

Your first thought may be: why not make a really flashy digital magazine I can read on my smart phone? The answer is simple: at Tchai we are all about instore experiences; mainly physical stuff you can actually touch. We wanted to create a magazine that has some of that tactical feel to it, using different sorts of paper. Inside you will find a lot of visuals alongside some in-depth articles about things we find really interesting in the world of retail today.

If there is a theme to this first issue it is Rotterdam, the city that we absolutely love. There are so many great things happening there right now and we are not just talking about the Markthal, the new Central Station or the giant stairway commemorating 75 years of post-war reconstruction. This whole year Rotterdam will be celebrating its rise from the ashes.

We share the same roll-up-your-sleeve mentality as Rotterdam and have recently discovered that the city’s new tagline is ‘Make it happen’. That’s right, the same theme we have been using for some time now. But hey, we are happy to share it with our beloved city.

Take care,

Kim Tchai

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