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4 oktober 2021 By TCHAI

The X of Success

Dit is NL test –Collaborations seem an indicator of success in brand-land. But to claim the fame of an X sandwiched between your brand names takes more than simply working together. Here’s how the X-pro’s created real buzz.

uber x spotify—easy joy
The collaboration that felt like it existed before it did – that’s how much sense it made. This collaboration highlighted how perfectly each brand understood their customer and simultaneously met their brand’s specific needs. Uber wanted to offer travellers a highly involved in-car experience, and Spotify looked for new ways —or better said; ‘moments’— to be enjoyed by their users. The kind of collaboration that just makes your brand that much more enjoyable, and twice as much a personalised experience. A stroller with a built-in phone holder and charging dock? A coffee bar with a postal service? We’re here to brainstorm!

gucci x balenciaga—glory takes guts
The keep-your-friends-close-butyour-enemies-closer collaboration between Gucci and Balenciaga set the fashion world ablaze. During their runway show Aria, Gucci hacked Balenciaga by stealing their iconic staples, from typical silhouettes to eventually slapping both brand names all over a garment. Later Balenciaga hacked back by stealing the classic Gucci bag and replacing the signature GG monogram with reprinted BB’s as part of the accessories line titled ‘This Is Not A Gucci Bag’. This blurring of the lines between real and fake, stealing and inspiration, allowed both brands to strengthen their narrative as they told it together. It takes guts, but if done well, the glory is boundless.

kith x lucky charms—hyped nostalgia
General Mills blasted out of a cereal rut by collaborating with Kith Treats, a Gen-Z favourite, for their holiday season campaign: Lucky Kithmas. Genius: mixing 90’s nostalgia with Kith’s pure hype. Kith is a streetwear label and store, selling the hottest kicks, clothing and, oh yea, snacks in their in-store Kith Treats bars. This X-mas collaboration brought a collection of unisex apparel and accessories adorned with the famous cereal brand’s mark through the Kith lens. Naturally, all Kith Treats fl agships turned into Lucky Kithmas bars, featuring ice-cream treats decorated with cereal of the Lucky Charms family. The cereal box plus the leprechaun mascot on it were dressed in custom, limited edition Kith design. Looking to draw some serious attention next Christmas? We suggest you follow this playbook and mix hype and nostalgia in a flurry of that Gen-Z celebration.

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