Milan Design Week 2019

Our Tchai design team: Klaas, Allardt, Kasper and Duong were present at Milan Design Week 2019. For three days they absorbed the new design experiences from all over the world. Let us inspire you by sharing some highlights.

Circular Design is hot. Just as our planet will be if we don’t start shifting paradigm. Don’t let that ocean plastic soup go to waste. Use it again and again and again and again and then throw it back in the ocean (just kidding, better to throw it in a recycle waste bin). 

Human touch
Now more than ever in a turbulent timeframe, we hanker for a safe haven in our homes. Nowadays an overwhelming amount of design is available. The distinction between these designs is created by focusing on touch friendly details. Soft textiles, rough walls, patterns, structural solutions and textured glass are used more than ever. A variety of materials and textures bring an extra dimension to this movement.


Revival of the 80’s
Vibrant pops of neon and rich jewel-tones, geometric prints, brass, glass, mirrors, and other reflective surfaces dominated the showrooms at Salone this year. Another striking phenomenon that was often was fringes. They have used to style up different objects such as mirrors, lighting, tables and room dividers. The ’80s are making a big comeback, but with a contemporary twist, as seen in the showrooms of Nilufar Depot, Cassina, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Moooi, Studiopepe, Sawaya & Moroni, Dimore Studio and more.



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