“Play hard. Dream big.” – reads the text on the counter of the Nike shop-in-shop at Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Offering an inspirational shopping experience for Nike’s youngest athletes.
Although this shop-in-shop is the second of its kind we’ve built for Nike Kids – the first being located in Harrods in London – it is by no means a carbon copy formula.

When working with Nike it’s all in the details, with every centimetre of floor space carefully considered and materials hand picked for the store’s theme.

The gymnastics-inspired interior is the result of Tchai’s dynamic collaboration with Nike’s design team. The idea behind it was to create a space with meaning and with a direct link to the young athletes performance product offer. With the creative translation of these designs in our hands, we were responsible for bringing it all together and creating many custom-built elements, including the brown leather-clad furnishings and display cases – reminiscent of trophy cabinets – that feature playful text and collage.

Young shoppers are welcomed into a familiar world of sports and games, where they can see how they size up against their sporting heroes while choosing all the Nike gear they need, as they themselves aim for future sporting success.