NS waiting spots

At request of NS stations we created waiting spots at train stations that connect the traveller with the vibe of a Dutch city. The contemporary designs for this project transfer the characteristics of a city to their waiting areas. 


For the spacious waiting hall at Den Haag Central we developed modern, abstract beach houses, which represent the beach of Scheveningen. Its creative design catches the eye, as well as fulfilling its functional purpose as comfy furniture that makes waiting for the train more relaxed.

Where its wooden seats are a nod to the beach houses we know from the North Sea dunes, its industrial design shows the elements of the city. We liked the challenge of jazzing up this station hall and building, in order to compliment the aesthetic lines and architecture of that impressive space. Besides a meeting point, we created a spot where people can recharge their electronic devices. The benches with their open construction provide a ‘huddle’ atmosphere to ease the waiting game – but essentially: a connecting element between people and places.