Developing for HEMA newest pilots


HEMA continues experimenting with new concepts to improve performance in their Dutch stores as well as internationally. Here we’ll give a little sneak-preview…

We feel incredibly proud of them with their latest store concept which rolled out recently. We teamed up with the typically Dutch department chain store once again, and revamped their pilot beauty department for this new location in Eindhoven.

Next-up is their roll-out in Leiden, coming this April. More news and imagery about this will follow soon. Nicely done HEMA, we’re looking forward to further roll-outs and to keep-on developing them together!

The design displays their cosmetics beautifully on luxurious beauty and skincare bars, while still featuring the ever-trusted HEMA that we know for their competitively priced products. These vanity inspired units invite the consumer to try out the beauty products… making HEMA cosmetics and the in-store product experience enticing.


We have made detailed studies on designs that appeal to all kinds of customers and have been extensively testing them to improve accessibility with a wide range of people in mind. There has been careful analysis over what works within the whole new store concept at HEMA. At the same time the beauty department is remarkable in itself.


The furnishings have defined skin-awakening colours that reflect well on all skin tones. This gives a fresh look when a customer looks at his or her own skin when trying new make-up. And the aesthetic, functional shop-in-shop theme catches the shopper’s eye and makes it easy for them to find items. Besides these clean but ‘cosy’ colours and silhouettes the beauty department has clear lighting above all the consoles and surrounds. There is never a dull moment when shopping for HEMA cosmetics.

Hema renewed the whole store concept for their new 1,750 m2 shop floors in Eindhoven, meaning that other departments were upgraded with a complete new look too. They have even renewed their restaurant concept, where the focus lays on fresh food and responds to the increasing demand for healthy meals.

More news and pictures of these HEMA pilot developments in other cities will follow soon!