Nothing beats getting to try before deciding to buy. That goes especially for innovative tech-enhanced products and gadgetry. So for Productpine, coming with a new kind of shopping experience in this era of e-commerce, that means turning everything on its head and offering an immersive shopping experience where online-only can’t match. Our challenge: translating their very first Flagship store into a 21st century playground of innovation.


The Productpine Experience Store is located on one of Amsterdam’s most visited shopping streets, the Rokin. This retail is set in an impressive building, within we created a laidback vibe that doesn’t really feel like a shop but more like a test-ground for ultra-advanced products. Each innovation is presented out of its box, ready to use, without any additional brand promotion or distractions. Pick up and play is what it is all about, and therefor the design encourages the public to really interact.

“High-tech” products versus a “low-tech” environment is what we took as starting point for developing this retail interior. It serves as the connection between the innovative products and how they can be part of our daily lives.

With the power of simplicity we kept Productpine’s store refreshingly low-tech by using authentic materials such as wood, stone, rattan and glass. Such familiar material choices – reminiscent of our own homes make it easier to imagine how the innovations on offer might become part of our daily lives. Creating this link to lifestyle is also the idea behind the store’s meeting space.

This – and how it is still contrasting to all futuristic gadgets  – makes a relaxed environment where enthusiasts can test innovations and share experiences.