Location: ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

In just a few years, entrepreneur Mariëlle van Werven has grown her business Annadiva into the established retailer of luxury lingerie in the Netherlands and Belgium – with the company building a name for itself by creating a platform for high end underwear brands in both standard and non-standard sizes. Following online success, Annadiva established an offline presence with the opening its first store in Nijmegen in 2013, and is expanding to a second location in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

For the new store, Tchai was asked to conceptualise and build an interior to emphasise Annadiva’s reputation as a specialist retailer with a personal touch: “Many customers know us from our webshop, so it’s important we offer them a similar experience in our physical stores. Being able to see and feel our products is one of the main reasons for visiting, but shoppers can expect us to deliver the same attention to detail and level of service they’re used to online,” Mariëlle explains.

“Many customers know us from our webshop, so it’s important we offer them a similar experience in our physical stores."

Tapping into our knowledge of building brand experiences and working closely with Mariëlle, we combined ideas to create a space with two individual areas –where the feminine touch meets bold materials. On the shop floor, high-end luxury lingerie brands are displayed on elegant wall racks and freestanding displays. The light flooring and the open brickwork counter give it an airy feel where lingerie lovers feel free to roam. Keeping in mind that most shoppers will spend at least an hour in the store, we took a more intimate approach in the dressing rooms, opting for mood lighting, soft furnishings and sumptuous carpeted floors.

Annadiva’s second shop will surely find favour with lingerie lovers from near and far as it grows into a destination in its own right. A place to purchase premium lingerie, seek expert advice, and, most importantly, a chance for customers to experience the luxury lingerie for themselves.

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