Location Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Funkie House has been an iconic Rotterdam shopping destination since 1989. The store is a must-visit for streetwear enthusiasts as well as a platform for local fashion and lifestyle brands. With our mutual love for the city of Rotterdam, Tchai was thrilled to take the lead in the redesign of this Rotterdam store.

The idea behind the new interior was to create a city-inspired canvas that is as dynamic and ever changing as the city itself. The challenge was to realise this with a modest budget and as little disruption to the store’s trading hours as possible – a chance to tap into our imagination and get resourceful.

"...a must-visit for streetwear enthusiasts..."

By repurposing many existing shop elements, we were able to re-shape much of the store’s interior with minimal expenditure. Constructing a contemporary lighting grid from the original fluorescent lamps, for instance, and bringing the outside in through the use of outdoor materials. The walls, floor and ceiling became the canvas: a clean slate for Funkie House to fill with imprints of city life in the coming weeks, months and years.

With renovations taking just two weeks to complete – and the store being closed for only half that time – shoppers didn’t have to wait long to rediscover Funkie House’s home of the hip.

"...repurposing many existing shop elements..."
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