Location Vaasa, Finland

Picture a warehouse, a well-stocked, neatly organised, brightly-lit one, as pretty as it is calming. It’s that sensation you get stepping foot into the first iittala multi-brand outlet in Vaasa, Finland.

Browsing the aisles, you’ll find everything you would expect from an outlet: a wide assortment and friendly prices. However, when you look a little closer, you find the store sprinkled with patches of warm and cosy home settings: a beautifully set table, or a reading nook with a sofa, rug and floor lamps. You get a sudden rush of design inspiration.

"The new outlet is the first of its kind..."

The new outlet is the first of its kind. Around 1000 products of Arabia, Fiskars, Hackman and iittala (all belonging to Fiskars group) are for sale under the iittala flag. Tchai updated the existing interior of the outlet according to designs and specifications of Fiskars Group, Iittala’s mother company. The inspirational areas make use of warm materials and soft lighting for a homely atmosphere, a sharp contrast with the more straightforward, industrial vibe of the rest of the store.

Tchai built all modular plywood furniture and added wheels, so the elements are easily movable and adaptable to a constantly changing assortment. Existing brackets have been re-outfitted with plywood shelving. Not only does this give an overall warmer look and feel, but it’s also a material that can be reused. “Scandinavians highly value sustainability,” says Vesa Liuhanen, Retail Concept Manager at Fiskars Group. “We like using materials that can be repurposed.”

"...a beautifully set table, or a reading nook with a sofa, rug and floor lamps..."
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