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New track pants, new sneakers, a new halter top…and let’s grab a fresh pair of sports socks as well. Those PUMA ones over there look great! Sound familiar? That’s because when we go shopping, socks and bodywear are often our last-minute impulse purchases. In a retail setting, where multiple brands compete for the consumer’s attention, brands will have to make these products stand out. Good thing Tchai knows a thing or two about attracting attention. We partnered with our long-time client Stichd to create a range of striking black display elements for their PUMA socks and bodywear shop-in-shops in Europe. From a simple counter display to a complete wall installation, and everything in between.

The shop’s style is black and sleek with matte black pine panelling, still showing the wood grain, and matte black metal. Against the black (a tone specially designed for PUMA!), the products and PUMA logo really stand out.

The PUMA project started back in 2016. After a British designer had created the new look, Stichd and Tchai went back and forth on ways to execute the designs in the best and most efficient way possible. It took a few months of meetings and prototyping, until production in China went underway. Tchai was, and still is, always onsite at the Chinese factories for quality control purposes.

"...shopping, socks and bodywear are often our last-minute impulse purchases. Make impact ot attract consumer’s attention..."

Up until today, flat packs with easy-to-assemble shop elements arrive at Stichd’s warehouse every month, ready to be shipped to shops all over Europe. Most elements are designed so that they can be assembled by a shop employee within one hour, without any tools. If a specific shop design involves a more complex installation, Tchai takes care of display construction on location as well. The whole project is a logistical challenge that have kept a few members of our team happily busy.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Stichd partners with global A-brands to design, produce and sell their branded socks and underwear collections. The dynamic company delivers these high quality, fast moving products for brands such as PUMA, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s and HEAD. Tchai and Stichd have been successfully working together for many years.

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