The famous Dutch painter Hendrik Willem Mesdag was born in 1831. Activity bureau ConspiracySinc thought of a way to bring art and technological innovation together on the anniversary of his death a hundred years ago. Working with Samsung and video artist Menno Otten they have brought the world famous painting ‘Panorama Mesdag’ into the 21st century. Tchai was given the opportunity to create the experience dome for this painting. Visitors to SAIL, the UITMARKT and ART ZUID await a unique experience. The original Panorama Mesdag, with a height of 14.5 meters and a length of 114.5 meters, is the biggest painting in The Netherlands. A true masterpiece showing the lives of fishermen on the beach at Scheveningen – and for many years on display in The Hague. How is it possible to ‘modernise’ such a large and imposing work without spoiling the unique artwork? Menno Otten signed up immediately. For 6 months he worked with a team of 6 experts to produce 5 versions of the painting. Slowly 4 seasons can be seen. Day becomes night. The changing nuances in the digital painting are strengthened by surround sounds.

Reproduction on curved HD- screens This modern interpretation of the Panorama Mesdag is presented on enormous curved S-UHD TV’s from Samsung. A logical choice as Samsung has the goal of making the brand human and to make its technology part of our everyday lives. What better example can the brand give than through their curved screens (they fit perfectly in the 360 degree experience of the Panorama Mesdag) than with this technological high point? In total 14 screens have been used to form a perfect circle with a diameter of 9 meters. Every individual TV is 1 meter high and has a screen diagonal of 2.2 meters. The building of the construction was complicated. And that’s where the expert knowledge of Tchai fits in.

Experience developed through Tchai Sander Hoekstra, Tchai project manager: ‘Cheil is the permanent advertising partner of Samsung – and for years we have helped with the realisation of many of their projects. From the development of shop-in-shops to complete stores and product presentation: but this project was, for us, the cherry on the cake. We were told that it would be a round digital painting but that the practicalities of the project had not been worked out.’

Innovative dome over the painting In a project such as this the smallest detail has to be considered. How many people can fit inside and thus how big must the ‘housing’ for the painting be? How will visitors enter and leave? What must they see and experience when they enter, stand by the painting and leave again? Next to this there were dozens of practical problems such as cooling, lighting, construction and dismantling and also, for example, at what height the screens must hang and how the sound units must be mounted to make it the best possible experience. Tchai worked all these aspects into an actual concept. After ideas for, amongst others, an inflatable tent and a cube were dismissed a ‘dome’ was finally chosen – a dome shaped tent where visitors enter into a darkened space and stand on a podium that is exactly the correct height to feel as if they can step ‘into’ the painting.

Sail, Uitmarkt and ART Zuid Sander: ‘Our design studio first visualised the idea in 3D, next we built a trial set-up in our Ridderkerk company so that everything could be tested. From this we decided, for example, to raise the height of the screens and change the lighting and to make the entry and exit more streamlined. The construction for Sail takes 4 days we then have 3 days to dismantle and rebuild for the Uitmarkt and ART Zuid on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. Tough, but a fantastic project that we must give special thanks to Samsung and Cheil for’

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