Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Beer brand Warsteiner was seeking a new and playful way to present their Biergarten during the Dutch hospitality trade fair Horecava and The Roast Room in Amsterdam.

“...a nod to the German Biergarten...”

So… we created this engaging hangout, fully in gold – the color of Warsteiner’s branding and of their brewed product! It’s a nod to the German Biergarten, where beer is served typically at shared tables and in an atmosphere of “Gemütlichkeit."

Modular elements such as tall bistro tables, a “hop-on” bench, a bowling hot spot, golden garden gnomes and golden hop plants were added to recall that enchanting “garten”-look.

The hangout is developed with these interchangeable parts so they can be easily adopted to Warsteiner’s furniture design for outdoor cafés. Spring is in full swing and we’re sure many of you are longing to enjoy brighter days outdoors, seated at sidewalk cafés with a nice cold beer in your hands.

  • Discipline
  • Brand space
  • Product presentation
  • Client
  • Warsteiner

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