This year we ‘Release our Tchi’, our mutual energy. It is intertwined in everything we do. During our journey, we realised that Tchi can be different for everyone. This time we have given the stage to other ‘creative minds’ too. We begin with a design for Spring, let it grow and evolve into another season. Surprise and stimulate your senses and create your own experience.

How Chi became Tchi

On our journey, we first discovered our roots, then added our company values which developed into our energy. We gave it a name, TCHAI TCHI, we visualised it and gave it form. Tchi is a combination of Tchai and Chi and represents the mutual energy of everyone at Tchai. It flows freely to empower people to be their best, balanced version of themselves.

The rise of Tchi

Look at our website and find the article about ‘ The rise of Tchi’. There, we tell you the story about the Chinese Emperor and his nightingale. In short, the story goes: The Emperor caged the nightingale to enjoy its beautiful songs. Later, it was replaced by a mechanical bird. The Emperor lost interest in the real nightingale and it escaped from its golden cage back into the most beautiful forest.
When the mechanical nightingale broke down and the Emperor fell deathly sick, the real nightingale came to his rescue and saved his life by singing for him again. It was invited to stay. However, the bird no longer wanted to be caged but offered to come and sing for the Emperor every evening.

This beautiful story is about letting go, trust and staying connected to one another. We learned that Tchi (our life energy) can’t be caged, it needs to be free to grow. Tchai opened up the golden cage to everyone, because everyone has their own interpretation of Tchi.

Last year, the illustrator and designer Martin Sati captured the energy in a collection of colourful lines. We have taken this interpretation of Tchi to our hearts and over the coming years we are offering a platform to other artists.

Changing seasons, releasing energy

In Chinese philosophy, nature and its changing seasons are an important guide to life. The seasons are the infinite circle of life, always changing and all with their own energy. How Tchi should look, sound, smell, feel or taste is up to the individual.

Spring awakens

Inspired by traditional embroidery on Chinese garments, our Tchai designer, Kasper van Vliet, has started the release of our Tchi. For Spring we have introduced the iconic Chinese cherry blossom tree in 2D, which will be transformed during the coming seasons.

Let us amaze you. Stay connected to experience how the seasons grow.



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