Displaying Rodenstock

Premium German eyewear brand Rodenstock came to us looking for a new and active way to display their international collection at European retailers. However, they mentioned this request came with a variety in shop floor types, and some with serious size limitations. Naturally, this sparked our curiosity.
“It needs to fit inside just one square metre of space and must not obstruct the view on the shop floor,” Rick Hogendoorn, Manager Sales & Marketing of Rodenstock, implied. Challenge accepted!

From scratch, we designed and produced a presentation fixture resembling an architectural structure. Our visual starting point was the collaboration between Rodenstock and Vogue stylists from France. Together, they created a stunning fashion shoot inspired by architecture, geometric shapes, lines and colours from the sixties/seventies era. Using these ingredients, we reworked them into a functional design for Rodenstock’s product presentation. By constructing various floors within this design we were able to create space for clearer price segmentation, customers can browse at ease while the presentation fixture offers more space to display additional lifestyle products. It’s a one square metre experience taking place on the shop floor.

And keeping in mind the current trend of clean and transparent spectacle frames, we gave this fixture an almost-white finish to ensure their eyewear become the real eye-catchers. And of course, their Hero-product gets to stand out on a special spot.