With technology evolving faster than ever, Samsung opted for a timeless design for its new stores. A monochromatic colour palette and fluid lines characterise the first European store with which the tech giant is rolling out its new global shop design standard. In another collaboration with advertising agency Cheil Retail, Tchai built the first store at the MediaMarkt near the train station Amsterdam Arena.

The distinct Samsung style, known for gently curved lines and state-of-the-art technology, is matched with an understated décor full of similarly fluid lines. The new shop feels warm and welcoming, with a black ceiling, light wooden floors, and concrete effects – all contemporary yet timeless design elements. The back wall of the shop doesn’t display any products – the 14 metres of shop walls are covered with a large video wall and accessories. A striking, and daring choice. An eye catcher is the centre bar where devices can be touched and tried. The centring of these display elements with their rounded shapes encourages a more fluid interaction which focuses on a more shopper centric approach.

The South Korean design leader created one pilot store in Thailand, before it came to Europe to research how its new global shop design standard could be translated and realized in the rest of the world. Tchai prototyped a part of the shop, next to the complete retail approach of Cheil Retail, at its headquarters with which Samsung could further define the needs and wishes.