Samsung has long wished to have all its products under one roof in a store in Mediamarkt. Goal: to let it be seen how all the Samsung products can be integrated with each other in daily life. For the design, production and installation Samsung found its way, via Cheil, to Tchai. Together we created a real living environment where all facets of Samsung could come together. The starting point was to have the feel of a New York loft. Elements of ‘loft living’ have been integrated into the 200 m2 shop-in-shop and fuse perfectly with the Samsung company style. The warm colours, the wood, steel, lighting and high gloss white finish all work perfectly together. In the shop-in-shop a ‘living room’, ‘office’, ‘kitchen with laundry’ and a ‘bookshelf wall’ can be found. The shopper can experience and test many of the products themselves. Tchai have given much thought to the details and finish of this project so as to be able to give the best result possible regarding the feel of the shop-in-shop for Samsung.

The first Samsung ONE shop-in-shop was opened in the Mediamarkt in Eindhoven.