Experience Store becomes retail theatre. The Samsung Experience Store is certainly not your average retail outlet. This new Brussels location is where shoppers can immerse themselves in cutting-edge Samsung technology while savouring a feels-like-home level of service.

The store was designed by Samsung’s selected ad agency Cheil Benelux, who are known for their wide range of retail knowledge and who chose to partner with Tchai for the execution of this project. Having worked together on Samsung ventures before, this collaboration allows us to play to our strengths and approach each undertaking with an open mind and flexible attitude. For if there’s one thing we know for sure: nothing is set in stone on a project like this. Being able to adapt – to both the client’s evolving wishes and unforeseen challenges – is what really gets the job done.

The Samsung Experience Store is new in many aspects, including the use of materials for its interior. Emphasising the pure, raw materials found throughout the store is what gives this location its distinct industrial look and feel – fitting Samsung’s evolutionary vision for its retail environments. For this, Tchai called upon a number of reliable partners for the installation of the store’s floors, walls and electricity points.

Shoppers take centre stage in this concept: whether browsing for a new phone, seeking help at the service centre, or curious about Samsung’s Smart Home technology, they are invited to come in, try and stay for while. Few can resist a go in the Galaxy Lounge, where a thrilling 4D experience awaits, complete with the latest VR-technology and hydraulically-operated moving chair – confirming that this is no ordinary store; it’s pure retail theatre.