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15 March 2021 By TCHAI

Embedded in creativity

We love creativity, and we’re drawn to places where it flourishes. So, it’s no wonder that we set up offices in cities with raw, unbridled creativity, such as Rotterdam and Portland. And not just because of our deep-rooted love for the arts. As entrepreneurs, we recognise the power of imagination and like to sit at the well of as we help grow your brand.

Diamond in the rough
When we settled in our beloved town of Rotterdam, the creative potential here was tangible. Yes, this port city is a bit brass, but its rough edges are part of the charm. Rotterdam has been through an incredible transformation over the past ten years and went from the proverbial ugly duckling to a beautiful swan in terms of becoming a cultural and creative breeding ground. Various hubs and hotspots are popping up like weeds. Think of Het Schieblock, a creative hub with studios and semi-public spaces, Weelde, a magical place of two hectares that’s part garden, part festival, part food-hub and more, or shipyard Rotterdam Heijplaat.
These places, where creative entrepreneurs come together, cross-pollinate, and inspire each other, fuel us to do our best work.

Keep it weird
It’s almost logical then that our second location opened up in Portland, practically the mother of all creative breeding grounds. Here, creativity is not so much an activity as a state of mind. For example, Portland proudly holds the world’s smallest park (barely 2 feet across). This park, which is not much more than a flowerpot, hosts festivals and weddings just like its bigger brothers do. That Portland-weirdness runs everywhere, from the way people dress, vote, commute and work, to the way they create, consume and relax. The weirdness we love dipping our toes into and that will push us to doing it all out of the box.

Source & Credits, Image: Twitter, @theUniPiper

Standing up for creativity—a celebration!
Of course, COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into the spinning wheels of weirdness, and most places have come to a screeching halt. Thriving cities need free-flowing creativity. We believe we must do what we can to uphold the creative sector and ‘to recognise cultural and creative sectors as an integral part of the economic‘. We’ll happily continue to celebrate and support artistry, just as we have been for the past 60 years. In tandem with our creative processes, projects and disciplines, we’ve always honoured creators by offering various platforms such as our magazine or inviting artists to visualise our Tchi.

And not even COVID will stop us from continuing to do that! The pandemic convinced us even more of the importance of celebrating and representing creativity. So while we wait for the world to reopen we will proudly champion imaginative creations in celebratory anticipation.



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