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8 juli 2021 By TCHAI

60 Years of Creating Brand Experiences

In 2021 Tchai celebrates our 60th anniversary. Since 1961 we have been dedicated to being an inspiration for great products, shop and brand experiences. For over half a century, our core values have guided us and ‘made it happen’… However, we’d like to pause for a moment and reflect on recent times.

As Tchai commences on its sixth decade of creating experiences for brands, hospitality, retail and more, we’d like to sit back and think for a time. Our products and services have developed from making plastic mannequins to extensive product display material, to whole brand spaces and genuinely connecting experiences between brands and people. But the way we work within our organisation have gone through a notable evolution too…

The traditionally run organisation has evolved into one that’s all about maximising the personal potential of the people of Tchai, clients and suppliers. However, what has always defined Tchai as a company remained: our relentless drive, commitment and the inspiration that we collectively know as “Tchi“.

When Kim Tchai, as the third generation, officially took over the helm from her father, she removed all job titles and company departments. With this, she has created a positive environment that encourages all employees to grow and unlock their talents, because Tchai believes in collaborative roles that team up organically.

First Generation Entrepreneurship “Tchai Plastics” in 1978

Always looking to expand our horizons and always searching for adventure; over recent times we have expanded into the US, to Portland, Oregon as well. To give new chances and that genuine connection across the Atlantic.

When we started our transformation process, we rediscovered our company’s roots. We embraced them, and this enabled us to transform into the company we are now. Tchai went from making displays to displaying brands, which is when we discovered the power of storytelling. Something that comes very naturally to us. We call it… Storetelling.

The Tchai Showroom in 1984

With our mutual love for narratives, creative visuals and animations we instantly connected with Jurriaan and Marijn Hos. And to celebrate Tchai’s 60th turn around the sun the artists made an animation for us, in true Tchai fashion. It visually underlines where we are now as a company, what is at our core, what we are here for, and how we can best support you in your endeavours. But most of all; instead of trying to sell you anything or promote ourselves we’re here to connect with you and your brand, and to share what inspires and energises us.

How many year does Tchai exist?
Second Generation Entrepreneurship “Tchai Displays”, around 1990



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