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25 January 2021 By TCHAI

Layer away! – Tchai project dive

As much as we would love to walk you through our building and show you the things we create, the experience spaces and fittings we have in store… due to corona-regulations, we temporarily minimise visits to our office. This is why we share online the new things that keep us busy!

A true showstopper

Our intern Iza Arntz came with a new addition to our (heavenly blue) showroom, a design with which she took concern about our precious environment. The challenge for this project was to come with an attention-grabbing design for a conference table, created from a diverse palette of material that didn’t have to be sourced elsewhere, as it came from the left-over material from our production. A true nod to our sustainable vision!

Tchai showroom table layers

The main character is at the bottom!

To give the legs of the table their own stage, she layered different sorts of materials such as: hollow core slab, different types of carpet, aluminum, wood and rubber secured altogether with ratchet straps to form a sturdy base. Don’t you think that these layers give the table an effect that lures curiosity…..

Tchai table concept
Tchai conference table
Showroom table tchai

And the name is…

This piece in the middle of our Tchai showroom deserves a tribute to its maker. So we nicknamed the table. Take a wild guess what lovely three-letter-name the table got officially marked with…

Table design by Iza Arntz
Iza Arntz' table design from up above

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