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4 June 2019 By TCHAI


Two cherries on top of our ‘retail shop cake’ are published in POWERSHOP BOOK 6. The DHL Store (Amsterdam) and The Skins Cosmetics Store (Rotterdam) now both shine in the book too. They have been individually selected to be one of the hundred greatest retail projects from across the world.

Outstanding and inspirational retail
The book explores outstanding and inspirational retail destinations that are divining the direction of contemporary industry trends. Projects were selected based on their original concept, creativity, innovative approach, or the project’s unmistakable wow-factor. POWERSHOP is issued by the world’s leading media brand for interior-design, FRAME.

Experience the heart of DHL
The DHL concept is described as a dynamic, scalable retail experience that places visitors at the heart of DHL. Behind the counter, a full-scale photograph of the cargo bay of an airliner makes it look as if packages are rolling straight into the airplane on a conveyor belt.
At the same time, it emphasises the courier’s commitment to quick, easy, reliable, pleasant service through the shop experience itself.

Skins Cosmetics, a library of scents
Skins Cosmetics is a global retailer with a niche brand of high-end fragrances, skincare, make-up and lifestyle products. Three hundred m2 offers the brand’s entire library of scents while also allowing shoppers to experience products directly in the second-floor City Spa. Tchai developed the Rotterdam Skins Cosmetic Store in collaboration with designer Roy de Scheepmaker and De Pander.

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