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20 September 2020 By TCHAI

We made our way to the USA

Always looking to expand our horizons, always and forever seeking adventure, inspiration and a fresh look onto our world, we decided it was time for taking a big leap. And so we are thrilled to share with you that we have opened up an office in the USA.

Why now?… Because it may be a place in turmoil, but it is also fruitful ground for authentic, boundary-pushing brand experiences, for hope, and free-spirited creatives. Read more about our expansion below…

A bold move
Some people believe that tilled earth is the best soil for planting seeds. We believe that too, in a metaphorical way. At this time, the world may seem uprooted, but we think that just means the ground is fertile for sowing new seeds. In fact, it has encouraged us to pursue our moonshot-ideas! We are excited to tell you that we have expanded transatlantic and opened a new location in Portland, Oregon, USA. This office has been operating as an autonomous Tchai entity since August 2020.

Portland, Ore.
Portland is known for its authentic brands, its clear story-driven approach to business, and for its free-thinking, boundary-pushing creative talents. On top of that, many brands that are of interest to us have their headquarters based in Portland, making it an excellent location for us to service and help them ignite purpose-driven brand stories in the most physical way possible. The numerous opportunities that we see in Portland to facilitate retail and hospitality concepts excite us beyond measure.

Portland turned an industrial area into a thriving, co-working community surrounded by eclectic art galleries, boutiques, and international bars and restaurants. We look forward to experiencing the free-spirited and Liberal nature of Portlanders!

Our new hub
We have settled our new office within a creative workplace hub called Spaces, in the artistic neighborhood of Slabtown. The new team have far-reaching career backgrounds and a lot of experience in the hospitality and retail industry. They have worked for clients like Starbucks, Nike and Samsung on an international level. Tchai USA is ready to team-up with brands and guide them into a new routine, help start their evolution, and boost them to think, grow, and create differently. Tchai USA will foster it all: from concept and design to realization and installation for physical experiences.

Twice the fun
We are thrilled to take on this adventure with our overseas colleagues! Does our bold move spark an idea, an opportunity, or do you know someone we should definitely connect to? Or perhaps we just left you with some questions? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line at any time.

We look forward to introducing you to our new associates, and to exploring exciting possibilities together.



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