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1 October 2020 By TCHAI

Tchi Event 2020/1

UPDATE – October 1st 2020 : Postponed TCHI Event.

We promised to get back to you by the autumn about our Tchi Event.
Today the season has ushered in a new month.
So, here we are with a revised date for the event.

Unfortunately, there has been little progress
in getting COVID under control.

Our aim is for our event to reflect what Tchai stands for;
creating physical (retail) experiences, which is a challenge at this time.
Also, in this first edition we wished to explore the theme ‘connection’
in every sense of the word, but that feels like a contradiction in these
times of social distancing. And, of course, the first priority is to take
responsibility in the fight for global good health.

tchi event tchai 2021

TCHI Event 2021
(the year in which we celebrate

Tchai’s 60th birthday too)

In 2021 we are hoping to return with a reshaped
Tchi Event – Connection 2.0.
Hopefully, a definite date will be set soon.
We will be keeping you informed
through our various channels.

We are disappointed not to have been able to
welcome and surprise you face to face,
but are looking forward to that moment.
Until then, be safe, stay connected
and share the positivity.

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