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19 May 2020 By TCHAI

Tchi Event 2020/1

UPDATE – May 19th 2020 : TCHI Event 2020 is postponed to 2021

It was positive thinking when we moved our TCHI Event from March 12th to June 25th. At that time we just couldn’t imagine COVID-19 would have such a long-lasting impact on the world. A couple of months within this new reality have passed now and we decided to postpone the event to the year 2021.

What made us come to this decision is the following;
We aim to have our event reflect what Tchai stands for — creating physical (retail) experiences, which is challenging at this time. Besides, in this first edition, we wish to explore the theme ‘connection’ in every sense of the word, but that feels like a contradiction in times of social distancing. And of course, the current priority is to take responsibility in the fight for global health.

postponed TCHI Event 2021

TCHI Event 2021
(the year we celebrate

60 years of Tchai too)

In 2021 we come back with a reshaped TCHI Event – Connection 2.0.
We will review the situation at the beginning of September and set the new exact event date. Through our channels we will keep you informed. In the meantime, be safe and share the positivity.

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