We live in a time of constant and accelerating change. Traditional business models are not designed for this environment. When we were looking for a new way to organize ourselves, we skipped the management books. We rather turned inward, to connect with our Tchi. Let us explain:

“Tchai has its roots in China, where Chi is a fundamental concept in Chinese philosophical tradition: the life force. A vital energy that is part of all that exists.

Tchi is the sum of Tchai and Chi: when the people of Tchai all apply this energy to their work, a common goal is formed and the real potential is unleashed. With this energy flowing, we create genuine connections between brands and people”. How Tchi is experienced is different for everyone, which is why we welcome all interpretations.

We’ve teamed up with other creative minds who will take turns in giving our Tchi form. These representations are given a prominent role on our website, as well as in many other ways in and around our organisation.

Meet us here from time to time and see how our Tchi transforms and grows.

New Tchi artwork for the year of 2022

2022: Iwan Smit

This year we saw Iwan Smit – renowned for his colorful graphic art and sculptures- as an inevitable choice. Our company is familiar with mystical figures that represent our various energies and the way we do what we do. We use a number of symbols to tell our story. Iwan typically uses many symbols and animals in his work, which make him the perfect person to introduce our new mythical character…


tchai tchi 2021 illustrated by soeijeng tsao

2021: Sioejeng Tsao

A special edition, by Sioejeng Tsao, to illustrate, in retrospect, 60 years of Tchai. This monochrome work of art, also symbolises our future; ready to be coloured in. MORE

2020: Johan Moorman

The versatile illustrating artist Johan Moorman gives his interpretation form by a colourful animation like the wheels in a fruit machine. MORE

2019: Kasper van vliet

Always changing and each season defined by its own energy. Designer Kasper van Vliet gives this transition form by a design of an iconic cherry Blossom tree. MORE

2018: Martin sati

The Spanish illustrator and designer Martin Sati captured our energy in a collection of colourful lines in this first Tchi expression ever. MORE