Visualisation of our mutual energy Tchi

The first artist who visualised our Tchi is Spanish Illustrator and designer Martin Sati. The world-renowned artist takes the challenge of being the first to express his interpretation. He captured our energy in dynamic designs through a collection of colourful lines, representing our mutual energy, that everyone at Tchai call Tchi. To have his kinetic looking style of lines match with our company, he transformed our brand logo the mythical bird Fenghuang, and the portrait of CEO Kim Tchai.

Martin chose to go back to our roots… To China, a country with powerful philosophical traditions in which Chi is a fundamental concept. It is defined as life force; a vital energy that is part of all that exists. Tchi is ‘Tchai’ and ‘Chi’ drawn together and represents our mutual energy. It flows freely and empowers people to be their best, balanced version of themselves. The relentless drive, the commitment, the inspiration, we put this immense energy into every project we’re a part of.

Elements of life
He brings the energy to life by visualising streams of energy. They each have colours that are derived from traditional Chinese philosophy: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are fundamental to everything. The elements are also associated with emotions, tastes, colours, and wind directions, which is how we incorporate them into our organisation too.

When third generation took over the company from the second generation, it was time for a new logo. Martin is the inventor of our brand logo that we’re currently using; the company name TCHAI in bold, black – sometimes white – capitals. It’s a strong visualisation that conveys a solid and even unity of capital characters, representing equality of all people at Tchai. Martin also looked at this logo through another lens when he visualised the logo in combination with our Tchi. He lets you look at it through versatile perspectives, by revealing the endless streams of energy in it. 

This animation shows Kim Tchai’s transformation. In Chinese culture Fenghuang symbolises warmth, summer and harvest. This is exactly what Kim brings to our company: a warm personal approach and a focus on development and growth. Parts of the bird represent specific traits: the head stands for virtue, the wings for duty, the back for decency, the belly for credibility and the chest represents mercy. Besides that the Fenghuang symbolises for how Kim sees leadership, the mythical bird also represents Tchai’s organisational structure. Each colour represents a team with different roles. We feel gratitude to having a Kim as Fenghuang running Tchai.

About the Artist
Martin Sati gives name to a small graphic workshop located in Seville city. He started his professional journey in 2006, focusing his work on art direction, graphic design and illustration. Martin as is an expert in composing graphic elements in a way that visibly streamlines the creative process too. He can express what’s inside things, the energy, the passion … all without losing balance or the forms. 

Dawn of the ongoing Tchi 
If you have been following our journey, you will have seen that each year we give the stage to someone new, where they visualise what Tchi means to them personally. Tchi is intertwined in everything we do, and this mutual energy can also be seen differently by the individual.