Tchi 2021 is ready to be seen! This retrospective artwork has been made by the young illustrating artist Sioejeng Tsao and takes the form of a vibrant motif that represents Tchai’s journey over the last 60 years. Every year we give stage to a new creative artist and challenge them to visualise what Tchi means to them. How Tchi should look, sound, smell, feel or taste is for the individual to decide. However, because it’s a jubilee year, all about recalling great moments and letting them enrich our journey into the future, Sioejeng created a special Tchi-edition where we can all distinguish the highlights of our company’s history. It also allows us to colour in the journey ahead.

tchai tchi 2021 illustrated by soeijeng tsao

Sioejeng’s artwork explained
The work of art expresses the energy, our Tchi, that runs through our entire existence, showing some of the elements that make our organisation unique.

The Chinese character of Chi flows through the whole illustration, connecting all elements.

The Ox, surrounded by its lucky tulips and blossom, heralds the Chinese Lunar Year, in which we celebrate our jubilee. Last year (Year of the Rat) had a fast and hard approach; we suddenly had to be ready to battle the pandemic, and like the rat, be as resilient as possible. In contrast, this year will be slower. It may take time to get results, so patience is the keyword for this year. One of the characteristics of the Ox is that he pauses and reflects first, in order to continue his path and to thrive. He will bring calm and focus to the road ahead, leading us through troubled times. The snail portrayed symbolizes a slower pace as well and with that this Tchi artwork reminds us to take our time too and to consider our past and present before we leap forward into the future.

Our business is portrayed by the building, the tree symbolises our growth. Atop, the mythical bird Fenghuang, representing all the Tchai people, rises powerfully. And of course, Tchai’s three generations are portrayed: grandfather, father and Kim. Reminding us of our proven past and exciting future.

About the artist
Sioejeng Tsao, whose Instagram bio says ‘Dutch Illustrator & Educational Speaker’, is a young Dutch talent with Chinese roots, known for her vibrant paintings and illustrations. Her personal creations let her activist heart speak out and much of her work sparks conversations on social aspects, such as inclusiveness, creating awareness and a better world. “When fighting against injustice and words aren’t enough”, Sioejeng says, “I try to create something visually that speaks for itself.”

Black and gold
In the spirit of the Lunar New Year we have embellished our cards with Tchi 2021 in gold…


A new decennium! Level UP
We incorporate these Tchi artworks into our office as well as publishing them to the world. When a new piece is released we bring it into our company, literally. This Tchi 2021 by Sioejeng Tsao, we had printed on a 5-meter length of wallpaper. The work of art can be seen both from above and below the stairs. In contrast to the colourful wallpaper of the previous year, this monochrome edition symbolises our future, open and promising, ready to be coloured in, while we embark on a brand-new Tchai decennium.

What is the collabartion Tchai and Sioejeng design about?

We have already enjoyed several interpretations of Tchi. Last year it took the form of the playful fruit machine of Johan Moorman and earlier the iconic cherry blossom tree of Tchai designer Kasper van Vliet, which evolved with the arrival of each new season.

An ongoing Tchi 
If you have been following our journey, you will have seen that each year we give the stage to someone new, where they visualise what Tchi means to them personally. Tchi is intertwined in everything we do, and this mutual energy can also be seen differently by the individual.