Let the seasons guide you

For the year of 2019 we have given the stage to our inhouse Designer Kasper van Vliet. Inspired by our Chinese roots, Kasper has chosen to give form to our Tchi over the course of a year. In Chinese philosophy, nature and its seasonal transitions act as an important guide and representation of the infinite circle of life, always changing and each season defined by its own energy. Attracted by traditional embroidery, he imagines our Tchi in 2D as a Chinese cherry blossom tree, which will continue its transformation through the seasons.

Spring awakens
Spring is the beginning of life. To introduce the design of the iconic Chinese cherry blossom Kasper started with a pure, fragile and crisp setting symbolising the awakening, where bird-eggs hatch and reveal fresh flows of vitality.

A burst of life
To announce the arrival of Summer, the design grows and evolve into a bold, colourful, ‘full of energy’. It is now changing into a leafy, blossoming tree. With bright colours, sultry, untamed flowers and a huddle of insects depicting a burst of life. A time of vibrant abundance, when light, water and air give nature the power to grow and reach the highest level of vitality.

Fall retreat
After the season full of vibrant blossom-colours, the tree turns from a uniform green into all varieties of yellow, red and gold. Even though it is a manifestation of decay, we see such beauty in how the leaves are freed from their branches and make a windy sky infused and golden. Where Spring is the beginning of life Fall will crumble this liveliness into a new type of energy. A different autumn-wind blows through our saturated summer spirit. A kind of Tchi where we say goodbye to the old and return to our deep-rooted warmth, a feeling of trust. Return to inner-Tchi.

Winter, virtue of leaving the old
Clouds dropping, while everything is asleep. In hibernation and pulling back from disruptions. The crisp falling winter sky will perish the warm shades of the last autumn leaves. Clearing the way for letting in new vigour. What will remain will persist. What will fade away has yet to be determined. Obviously we see winter as an ending, but during this season we also feel gratitude for all that has cultivated growth. Flash back and treasure good memories, eliminate the waste. This is the season to reset the Tchi for ourselves, to one that is valuable bringing with us, into the new decade.

Cherry blossom in black
We incorporate the Tchi art pieces into our office as well as publishing them to the world. When a new Tchi artwork is released we bring it into our company (literally), each time placed somewhere within our building. We have given Tchi 2019 an interesting spot in one of our meeting rooms. The outlines of Kasper’s iconic cherry blossom are milled in the matte black wooden wall panels for our Black Room, which give an alluring and vibrant effect to a space that has black walls only.

Dawn of the ongoing Tchi 
If you have been following our journey, you will have seen that each year we give the stage to someone new, where they visualise what Tchi means to them personally. Tchi is intertwined in everything we do, and this mutual energy can also be seen differently by the individual.